Are your petitions free?

Yes, all our petitions are absolutely free. We offer the most flexible and advanced tools on the web, but we support ourselves through advertising and requests for donations to petition hosts and signers. Please consider Donate Now to Support our Mouvement.

How will I know if the petition I have signed is successful?

There are many ways you can keep track of the progress and eventual success of a petition you’ve signed. One good way is to visit the petition regularly. Hosts will often post news and updates, particularly in the highlights section of the petition.

Why would I want an online petition instead of a paper petition?

First, because an online petition gives you instant access to hundreds of millions of Internet users around the world. You get your own URL; it’s like instantly becoming a global activist. How are you going to do that with a paper petition? Have you ever stood on a street corner and tried to collect signatures? You probably got a few hundred signatures at most—and very achy legs.

Second, because an online petition allows you to use the power of viral marketing to attract signatures. Every visitor to your petition can email a friend or post a message on Facebook or Twitter about the petition; that friend can share your petition with another friend who can share it with another friend and so on. In no time, your petition will have been advertised to thousands of people—and all for free.

Third, because an online petition allows you to perform a statistical analysis of your database and gives you instant information on who signed up, where they live, their gender, their profession, and so on. Such demographic information can be very convincing: try telling a corporation that 80% of people who signed a petition to boycott its products has an income of above $50,000 a year. That’ll get them listening!

Are online petitions effective?

Online petitions can be a very effective way of gathering support for a cause you care about and drawing attention to that cause. Many of our petition hosts have gathered tens and even hundreds of thousands of signatures on their petitions—petition recipients have had to stand up and take notice!To be truly effective in creating change, however, you need to be actively involved in promoting your petition. You should send out emails to all your friends and colleagues, and you should promote your petition on discussion groups and other websites where users might be interested in your cause. For more tips on creating a successful petition, see our’ Guide HOW TO WRITE A PETITION.”