There is a huge stereotype in China that Chinese people have about Africa and Africans. They think Africa is a jungle, when they hear Africa they think poverty, diseases, war and so forth. All they show about Africa are pictures of sick children, homeless people. They never show the other side of Africa, they never report on the beauty and opportunities in Africa. This has led to most Chinese people loosing respect over Africans because to them we live in the jungle with animals. To them we have no houses, schools, clothes or even food.

These past 2 weeks we had a Museum in Wuhan China which had an exhibition where they were comparing African people with animals. Each picture had an African person and an animal said to be like that person. People were going to that Museum for this exhibition. I know that most of the people really do not know about Africa so if they see such things they then tend to believe that is how the whole Africa is as the theme of the exhibition was “This is Africa”. Also because of these stereotypes, such an exhibition makes the stereotypes somehow true especially to those who really have no idea about Africans.

What hurt me the most was seeing young students in attendance who will grow up thinking that Africans are animals. Why not exhibit the other side of Africa people never get to hear about? The minerals in Africa, the tourist attractions, the people, the education? Please join me as we kindly request the Museum to take down those pictures and offer a public apology to the African community. If they want an Exhibition about Africa we would be happy to help them promote Africa in a positive way. Africa and Africans have gone through a lot from slavery, to racism, to colonization the list goes on. Isn't it time to respect us and give us that respect we deserve?

Hence we are writing this petition to ask the Museum to give:-

  1. An official apology to the African community all over the world not forgetting the families of those people they used in their pictures whom I would like to believe (unless proven otherwise ) did not consent or were never compensated for having their pictures exhibited.

  2. To never host such an exhibition in future. They call it Africa, but we call it Home our pride. Please sign so we stop the stereotypes that people have about Africa.

Dr.Samantha Sibanda
Founder Appreciate Africa Network
This petition was sent to :
The Dean Of African Embassies In China and All African Embassies in China
Hubei Provincial Museum Wuhan

在中国,人们对非洲以及非洲人存在着一个巨大的刻板印象。他们认为非洲是一个丛林,当他们一听说非洲,他们的反应都是,非洲是一个充满贫穷,疾病以及战争的国家。他们向人们所展示的图片几乎都是那些有关于非洲生疾病的孩子以及那些无家可归的人们。 他们从不向人们展示非洲的另一面,他们几乎从不报道非洲的美丽和机遇。这导致大多数中国人对非洲人失去了尊重,因为对他们来说,我们跟动物一起生活在丛林,我们没有房子,没有学校,没有衣服,甚至没有食物。在过去的两周中国武汉博物馆有一个关于非洲人和非洲动物得艺术展,每幅图片都有一个非洲人和一个非洲动物,据说他们之间还看上去很像。人们准备去那个博物馆参加这次展览。我知道绝大多数的人都不了解非洲,所以当他们看到如此之多的那些东西时,他们往往会相信非洲就是这样的,因为这次展览的主题就是“这就是非洲”。


如果他们想要一个关于非洲的展览,我们将乐于帮助他们以积极的方式认识非洲。非洲以及非洲人经历了从奴隶制、种族主义到殖民地的诸多问题。 难道不是时候给予我们应有的尊重吗?!我们难道不值得被尊重吗?!因此,我们正在写这个请愿书。要求博物馆向全世界的非洲社区正式道歉,不要忘记他们在照片中使用的那些人,我相信他们(除非另有证明),他们没有同意或从未因他们的照片展出而得到任何补偿。希望以后再也不举办这样的展览了,因为他们所称之为的非洲,却是我们称之为的家园,我们的骄傲。

请签名,这样就停止了人们对非洲的成见。尊敬的Samantha Sibanda博士,首先非常感激非洲人际网络,其次这个请愿书将被送到:在非洲驻中国大使馆和非洲驻中国的各城市的大使馆,以及湖北省武汉市博物馆。

Dr.Samantha Sibanda
Founder Appreciate Africa Network
This petition was sent to :
The Dean Of African Embassies In China and All African Embassies in China
Hubei Provincial Museum Wuhan


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Autor: Dr.Samantha Sibanda ,Founder Appreciate Africa Network
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Date created: October 13, 2017
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